240v Compressor

What is the best 240v Compressor?

Correct tyre pressure is essential for safety, much better fuel consumption and environmental emissions. A tyre inflator has a quite simple job: it should pump up your tyres to the correct pressure. Consequently, our tests evaluated the models on how quickly and effectively they did exactly that. Here we have listed top 3 products that have performed better that others.



RING Digital Tyre Compressor - Check Price

Product Features
  • 30 litre/minute compressor air flow inflates a tyre in under 3 minutes.
  • Tyre deflation valve integrated into the valve connector.
  • Integrated high power battery pack for complete portability.
  • Inflates tyres to a maximum of 100psi.

RING Automotive RAC650 Automatic Cordless Digital Tyre Compressor with Inflator/Deflator  


RING Rac800 Tyre Inflator - Check Price

Product Features

Ring RAC800 Cordless Rechargeable Air Compressor & Inflator. Dual purpose inflator for air beds and other leisure accessories, air compressor for tyre inflation. Inflates a tyre in under 4 minutes. Inflates a single air bed in less 30 seconds. Pressure gauge in psi, kg/cm2, bar. Complete with storage bag.

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Ring RAC800 (RAC 800) Cordless Rechargeable Air Compressor & Inflator  


Am-Tech Air Compressor - Check Price

Product Features
Am-Tech High Quality 12V 250PSI Air Compressor Car Van Tyre Inflator Pump PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT LIKE OTHER CHEAP MODELS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET THIS IS AM-TECH HIGH QUALITY Air Compressor FEATURES: Ideal for inflating tyres, sports equipment, balls, inflatable toys, dinghies, mattresses etc powered by car cigarette lighter plug In-car Compressor air pump Compact and discreet air compressor with all the accessories you will need to inflate tyres or camping accessories Comes with several attachments for most types of air-filters Displays air pressure on in-built dial air gauge comes with adaptors High quality air pump can be easily stored in your car boot/Glove Department ideal for camping, emergency etc.

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Am-Tech 12V 250PSI Air Compressor Car Van Tyre Inflator Pump  

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